Twitter tip: Why is good for your tweets?

For years, all webmarketers like me try to advocate about one  important thing : do better permission, as well as communicate with people liking our products, services and things in a timely fashion. Every good emarketer knows that it’s worthless to send an email to a brand enthousiast never reading a business email at 10:00 AM, because he or she reads it at 08:00 AM, whatever time zone. That’s why I suggest you to try,  a good solution to help you reach you Twitter audience at the right time.

It’s a very simple process, this service was made from bright minds at Flowtown, now acquired by DemandForce. Actually, it scans all your tweets and enables you to auto-tweet at the best average time. It’s simple math, but it’s clever.

Please let me know if you have interesting improvements with your Twitter strategy using Timely!