Emarketing weekly updates – 2011-12-05

6 LinkedIn tips for job seekers and reputation management

I found this presentation on LI today, it’s quite useful both for job seekers and people looking to improve their online reputation. It was prepared by Lindsey Pollack, a company spokeperson. Let’s begin with general information about the first professional network in the world:

  • Over 100 million professionals
  • 1 million+ company profiles
  • Over 150 industries
  • Executives from every Fortune 500 firm
  • 56% outside the U.S., 200 countries

Key facts when hiring someone:

  • 70% of employers have rejected a job candidate, because of information they found about that person online
  • 85% of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions

Some of the 6 useful tips:

  • Optimize certifications and skills
  • Add relevant plugins (like Events, MyTravel…)
  • Update your status
  • Use your profile in online communications
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn profile feature additions
  • Using groups and network

Source: learn.linkedin.com