e-G8 summit in Paris, 24-25 May: most influential digital leaders will be there

First, I’d like to say it’s a good move coming from G8 summit: It’s the first time that G8 recognize start-ups and innovation at the core of the ‘big’ economy. This “mini-summit” will be held 2 days before the next official G8 event in Deauville, France.

To begin, here is the official brief copy/paste:

At the initiative of Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic and the current President of the G8, the Heads of State and Governement of the Group of Eight – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States- have decided to place the Internet and the digital ecosystem on the agenda of next month’s G8 Summit.
This will mark the very first time that information technology formally takes a place on the agenda of a summit of Heads of State“ a recognition of how critically important these sectors are to sustaining and accelerating global economic growth. In order to provide G8 political leaders with fresh ideas, the e-G8 Forum ” the first of its kind ” will be held in Paris on May 24 and 25, immediately preceding the G8 Heads of State and Government Summit in Deauville on May 26 and 27.
The e-G8 Forum will be a unique gathering of the world’s top Internet and digital leaders, not only from across the G8 nations, but further afield. The stakeholders in the digital economy who attend the e-G8 will be able to choose their topics, agenda, content and conclusions’ which, in turn, will be submitted to the Deauville discussion among the Heads of State. We look forward to welcoming you, and to listening to what you have to say.

Many high-profile entrepreneurs from all around the world will attend the event, including:

  • Eric Schmidt (Google)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
  • Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
  • Jack Ma (Alibaba)
  • John Donahoe (eBay)
  • Dick Costolo (Twitter)
  • Robin Li (Baidu)
  • Hartmut Ostrowski (Bertelsmann)
  • Vinton Cerf (TCP/IP co-inventor)
  • Xavier Niel (Free)
  • Stéphane Richard (Orange)
  • Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Vente-Privée)
  • Marc Simoncini (Meetic)

Let’s hope political leaders will not only listen, but take positive actions based upon some of the people building the next web.

More details and program on Journal du Net (in french).