Twitter tip: Why is good for your tweets?

For years, all webmarketers like me try to advocate about one  important thing : do better permission, as well as communicate with people liking our products, services and things in a timely fashion. Every good emarketer knows that it’s worthless to send an email to a brand enthousiast never reading a business email at 10:00 AM, because he or she reads it at 08:00 AM, whatever time zone. That’s why I suggest you to try,  a good solution to help you reach you Twitter audience at the right time.

It’s a very simple process, this service was made from bright minds at Flowtown, now acquired by DemandForce. Actually, it scans all your tweets and enables you to auto-tweet at the best average time. It’s simple math, but it’s clever.

Please let me know if you have interesting improvements with your Twitter strategy using Timely!


What does Open Graph protocol means for marketers?

In this quite long video interview made last fall, Vidar Brekke (a seasoned social media expert) explains in great detail what’s behind the OpenGraph protocol : a new link between people, content, and ultimately products and services. As well as a new challenge for brands and marketers.

He also analyzes how this new deal is different from “search-driven” consumer behavior. A must see!

An example of good B2B corporate emarketing strategy

After good returns from my contacts, I decided to publish this presentation for its relevancy. According to me, this company uses many emarketing channels and techniques in a well organized strategy -given it works in a very specialized and technical product and services business-, ranging from websites, microsites, social media channels, online client relationship and learning classes…

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6 LinkedIn tips for job seekers and reputation management

I found this presentation on LI today, it’s quite useful both for job seekers and people looking to improve their online reputation. It was prepared by Lindsey Pollack, a company spokeperson. Let’s begin with general information about the first professional network in the world:

  • Over 100 million professionals
  • 1 million+ company profiles
  • Over 150 industries
  • Executives from every Fortune 500 firm
  • 56% outside the U.S., 200 countries

Key facts when hiring someone:

  • 70% of employers have rejected a job candidate, because of information they found about that person online
  • 85% of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions

Some of the 6 useful tips:

  • Optimize certifications and skills
  • Add relevant plugins (like Events, MyTravel…)
  • Update your status
  • Use your profile in online communications
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn profile feature additions
  • Using groups and network